Receive your QuickBooks™ Point of Sale purchase orders and do a complete inventory right from your phone!

Now you can, with ZipperScan! Use your Android phone or device to receive QuickBooks™ Point of Sale purchase orders AND do your inventory! This has been requested by more QuickBooks™ Point of Sale users than any other add-on application found.

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What is ZipperScan?

Zipperscan is an application created by Merchant Light that will change how you do business as a retailer. There are two parts to ZipperScan:

  • The ZipperScan App is downloaded to your Android device right from Merchant Light's website or from PlayStore. The application provides two functions: 1) Take inventory 2) Receive in QuickBooks™ Point of Sale purchase orders

  • The ZipperScan App is able to actually take inventory and receive QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Purchase orders!

  • The ZipperScan Program allows you to take inventory WHILE your store is open for business!

You've waited far too long for this application! Don't wait any longer, download a free 30-days trial now!

Awesomeness at It's Best!

ZipperScan is made specifically for QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Users using the same terminology that you are used to seeing.

  • Simplistic interface design, requires little training time.
  • Responsive User Interface, Quick readyness for next process.
  • Change fonts and sort items for easier viewing.
  • Review ready prior to QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Data Import.
  • Receive Purchase Order Items in Unit of Measure Assigned to Purchase Order.
Phone App

Premium Features


    Simplistic and Easy to Use


    With ZipperScan, you can see the item information while scanning inventory or receiving in purchase orders. No more wondering if you "got that one". Just look at the history and the most recent items scanned are on the top!


    The up and down arrows all user to EASILY choose the next item down to fill in the quantity of items.


    Now you can take inventory at your convenience! ZipperScan allows you to take your inventory while your store is open. That's right, take sales, count more items, take sales, count more items.


    The sleek layout of the ZipperScan Console allows user to quickly find needed information.


    No need to remember a long alphanumeric password, just assign an employee a pin number or let them enter it.

ZipperScan App Screenshots

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Introduction to Zipperscan


Frequently Asked Questions

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Any Android will Do


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