You may be wondering how Google decides what results pop up for a certain word or phrase that you type into the Google search bar. Google uses something called “keyword rankings” to determine which results appear at the top of the webpage and which results appear at the bottom. This ranking system takes the searched word or phrase and uses it to search for specific keywords in digital content online. From there, Google generates the results based on how well the digital content matches your searched word or phrase. Google also generate these results based on how relevant the content is to its users. For business’s in the digital world, this can prove to be the difference between making a sale or never even having their content viewed by the potential customer. 

Due to the growing impact of keyword rankings, businesses are using a process called search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the concept of tailoring content to make the website more visible to traffic and can help a business’s content appear above other content when a search is conducted. To do this there are many aspects that need to be considered. Things such as word choice, titles, links, words in the links, and the reputation of the website all play a crucial role in successful SEO.  For example, a business that specializes in bicycles would want to make sure that their content mentions as much about bicycles as it can so that Google’s ranking system deems them relevant. Doing so may allow this bike shop to be placed higher in the search order than other businesses that sell bicycles.

Through SEO, businesses have a chance to climb to the top when a Google search is conducted. From here a business can leverage their position to better market their products and services to potential customers. SEO will continue to play a crucial role in how effective digital marketing is in the future.

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