May 2018 Best Deal Ever Extended to June 15th!

If you are wanting to restore some of the Intuit services you are missing out on, you might want to upgrade your Point of Sale ASAP.  Otherwise, you may not be able to:

  • 1) Perform store exchanges through Intuit.
  • 2) Receive credit cards via Intuit (changes due to PCI compliance).
  • 3) Receive updates for Point of Sale issues that come up.
  • 4) Recieve support for Point of Sale problems you may have.

So, let me explain. First of all, Intuit had drastically reduced the manufacturing price (you know the MSRP that nobody in their right mind would charge!) which also means that their standard prices have gone down. Check out the comparisons in the below chart:

MSRP QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Pricing Comparisona

Software Name Last Qtr 2017 MSRP First Qtr 2018 MSRP Percent Off of Upgrades c Percent Off of Upgrades b Total Savingsd
QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Basic $1800 $1200 50% 60% $1320
QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Pro $2500 $1700 50% 60% $1820
QuickBooks™ Point of Sale MS $2700 $1900 50% 60% $1940
  • a) Rounded up to nearest dollar.
  • b) With qualified Merchant Account through Merchant Light.
  • c) Upgraded License without merchant account through Merchant Light.
  • d) Calculated from last years price with Payment Account.

So, basically, you can save $1940 on a single license of QuickBooks™ Point of Sale MS Upgrade. Not only that, you can add more seats to your license starting at $480 for Point of Sale Basic and going to $680 for Point of Sale MultiStore! If you ever wanted to increase your licenses for QuickBooks™ Point of Sale or simply update your current license, NOW IS THE TIME! This offer is expiring on June 15th and WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AFTER THAT TIME! There is more, Merchant Light will install your Point of Sale for FREE for each qualified purchase (upgrade or new Point of Sale license plus a merchant account through Merchant Light)

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