New inventory scanning software AND 40% off QuickBooks™ with Promo Code

Merchant Light is looking for beta testers for our new QuickBooks™ Point of Sale scanning software.

This software will provide Point of Sale Desktop users the following:

  1. Scan your inventory in your own time.  (You may continue receiving items and selling items while you are doing inventory!  Our product simply adds/subtracts them on an editable form!)
  2. Receive in your inventory from purchase orders already created in QuickBooks™ Point of Sale (versions 12.0, 18.0)!  Get the most use out of your scanner with this Merchant Light exclusive application!

To sign up as a beta tester, please fill out this form.  Beta testers will get one free year of use upon release of final version!  You will not want to miss out on this software!  You don't need to purchase an extra Point of Sale seat to use it!  No need to purchase a scanner, you can use your android device (phone, scanner, etc.) even if there isn't a barcode scanner attached!  You only need the camera on your phone to receive in the barcoded/QR Coded inventory.  


-- ALSO --

Merchant Light is now providing QuickBooks™ Point of Sale 18 at 40% off retail.  If you are interested in this product, better hurry, it ends on July 31st!  If you act today, you will receive:

  1. 1.30-minute free consultation.
  2. 2.Free Installation.
  3. 3.Free PIN pad ($350 value)

40% discounts on your QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Purchase, If you do not have a merchant account to use with your free PIN pad, you may sign up for one hereThis offer is only good through purchases made before 12:00 AM, July 31st.

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