QuickBooks™ Point of Sale 18.0 R6 may Impact your company file


There currently is a problem with R6 where there is a red Error message that reads, "-195: Column 'DocDate' in table 'EntityLink' cannot be NULL (2"



What do you do now?  Your database is basically unusable now.  If you do not have a backup, you will need to have Intuit Data Services recreate your Point of Sale Company file.  If you do have a recent Point of Sale backup, then you do the following: 

1.Download the last patch that does not destroy your data (R5).

2.Uninstall QuickBooks™™ Point of Sale 18.0.

3.Download fresh copy of QuickBooks™™ Point of Sale 18.0

4.Install QuickBooks™™ Point of Sale 18.0 onto your machine.

5.Double-Click on R5 patch to install it.

6.Copy your QuickBooks™™ Data file into a folder (documents, or wherever),

7.Open up QuickBooks™™ Point of Sale 18.0.  DO NOT UPGRADE!

8.Create a new file (File/Company Operations/Create new company)

9.Name your new file <> (make it uniique).

10.You only need to put in your company name for the address.  All your old data will replace the blanks when you do the next steps.

11.Once the file is created, open the file and once again, go to the File/Company Operations/Restore from backup.

12.Browse to your most recent copy of your QuickBooks™™ Point of Sale Backup prior to the R6 update that destroyed your last file.

13.Click Next and type in, "YES" to confirm that you want to restore your old company file over the new one you just created.

14.The old Point of Sale will be restored and you should be good to run QuickBooks™™ Point of Sale 18 on R5.  

15.DO NOT UPGRADE when prompted, otherwise you may be back at the same problem.

16.Intuit will resolve this issue and you should be able to upgrade once they have.

If you need help with walking through these steps, call (888) 255-9878.  Leave a message if nobody answers and we will get back to you.  You may also want to schedule a support call.

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