It's Official!  ZipperScan is Approved!

Yes, that is correct, ZipperScan has been approved by the Intuit technical team and is now on their App StoreWe are so excited that our Point of Sale customers can now get the system they have all been wanting for so long.  You don't even need to purchase any hardware! 

ZipperScan is the latest and greatest method of taking inventory!  Here's why:

  • You only need an Android phone to use it!
  • It does not work via the Internet so you can take inventory at any warehouse anyplace in the world.
  • You can send your inventory to your main or Headquarter QuickBooks™ Point of Sale PC via any method you like (Email, online storage systems such as DropBox, SharePoint, or anything that stores your data online).  You can even send if via BlueTooth if you are going back to the physical location the QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Database is located!
  • You can take inventory WHILE your store is open!!!  No need to close your store anymore when taking inventory, ZipperScan actually will take the inventory activity in your QuickBooks™ Point of Sale software and adjust the count numbers to compensate for the difference!
  • Using ZipperScan, you can now receive inventory from the purchase orders you created in QuickBooks™ Point of Sale!
  • Add a Bluetooth device scanner and you can put your phone in your receiving area and simply walk around with your scanner and receive in your inventory!

Get a 30-day free trial today and find out how ZipperScan can make your retail operation run smoother and more accurately than you ever thought possible!  Training and videos are available!


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