Vantiv World Pay : Non-compliance will result in a non-validation fee

The card networks made compliance mandatory. We made it easy.

OmniShield Assure, Vantiv, now Worldpay’s standard security solution for all level 4 merchants, delivers focused tools that keep you protected from threats and keep you in full compliance.

Don’t risk non-compliance.

PCI Assist, included within OmniShield Assure, provides step-by-step help to easily validate and report compliance.

Learn more at or call Trustwave at (877) 257-1081 to get started with PCI compliance and validation. You can also register here with Trustwave. Trustwave will need your merchant ID number in order to assist. Please note this notice may be for one or more locations

Non-compliance will result in a non-validation fee.

If you do not validate your business’s PCI compliance by March 20, 2018, you will be assessed a non-validation fee of $19.95 per month until you meet the new requirements.

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